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Startin' up a Stamp Collection! Cuz it's what the cool kids do! (lol, jk!)


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  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: "Take Us Back" Alela Diane
  • Watching: The Walking Dead TV Series
It's been a while since my last journal entry. Since then, still no progress with fan fiction, unfortunately. I've slipped out of writing mood... I don't know when it'll come back. Sorry.

Anyway, I felt like sharing some facts about me, even though I haven't been tagged or anything.

01. When I was in primary school (age 5-10), I was a bit of a prankster, who got kicks out of scaring people every now and then. I'm still like that, heheheh. *smirks*
02. The first Japanese manga I read was Cardcaptor Sakura; consequently, my first 'ship' was Syaoran x Sakura.
03. The first video-game I ever played, was a Sonic game for the Sega; my dad got a Sega and some games off someone who lived up the street that didn't want it anymore. That Sega machine is broken now...Sonic used to frustrate me so much, I wasn't very good at it back when I was 6.
04. I still play Pokemon games, and watch children's cartoons that I watched when I was a kid, every now and then; I love things that are nostalgic to me. I play/watch them for the memories of my childhood.
05. I used to be extremely squeamish, but as I started playing survival horror games I've gotten a bit used to it and can even somewhat handle it in movies. The Walking Dead by AMC still grosses me out though, but I still love that show.
06. I have a fear of needles and getting injections. I've fainted before out of built up anxiety/fear while waiting for an injection. (It was embarrassing, xD)
07. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and can be very critical of my own work, even if other people tell me it's great/fine. It's hard for me to be completely satisfied with my work.
08. A nightmare I once had; Everything was in sepia tone for some reason, and I was young (like 5-6) - I was at a party/get-together with my mum and dad, but I was getting really bored and wanted to go home. I tried telling my parents but they completely ignored me, even if I pulled on their clothes. It was like they couldn't hear, see or feel me, as if I didn't exist. There was no sound coming out of my mouth when I talked. Basically, it's a nightmare of being ignored and isolated. It's a fear I still have today.
09. I have a scar in-between my eyes on my nose from when I had chicken-pox and scratched one off when I was very young.
10. I'm really interested in learning about different languages, cultures etc. Lately, I've been trying to learn a little Korean and Chinese.

If you guys want to post 10 facts about yourselves, feel free. Let me know, I'd like to read them. :heart:

And sorry I haven't been active on the whole writing thing for a long time. :(


lv, ritsukachoo

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